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A New foundation develops digital sector in Bulgaria

The Digital4Bulgaria Foundation was founded at the end of 2019. It brings together the network of Digital4 events that take place in different cities in the country, building the so-called Digital map of Bulgaria. Its founders say that the mission of the organization is to actively develop the digital sector in the country and to promote the opportunities that new digital technologies provide to the business.

The foundation of the Foundation is a natural continuation of a project that started four years ago. The initiative kicks off in 2016 when the first of a series of events take place – Digital4Plovdiv. It is gradually establishing itself as one of the valuable forums, not only in the City, but also on a national scale, and enjoys great interest from visitors. Each year, the event’s lecturers are renowned experts with years of experience in the field and entrepreneurs who successfully grow their business.

In 2019, the Digital4 initiative for the first time left the borders of Plovdiv and two major conferences are held in the maritime capital – Varna. The aggregate statistics provided by Digital4Bulgaria indicate that a total of 16 events have taken place in the last 3 years, involving more than 430 speakers and over 4,000 participants. The organizer and main sponsor of the event is IMG – Internet Media Group.

Recognizing the benefits and the need for initiatives dedicated to the latest developments in the digital world, Digital4 Bulgaria Foundation is motivated to expand its network of events by placing other cities on the Digital Map of Bulgaria. It has already announced the 2020 program, which includes four of the major cities in the country. This year Digital4 events will be held for the first time in Burgas and Sofia, accompanied by already known digital destinations – Varna and Plovdiv. Here are more details on the dates and topics that will be affected:

● 29 March 2020 – Burgas: Digital4Burgas: Successful Online Trading in 2020   

● 19 May 2020 – Sofia: Digital4Sofia Premium Edition: Social Networking and Video Marketing

● 27-28 June 2020: Varna – Digital4Varna: SEO & Content Marketing

● September 24-25, 2020 Plovdiv – Digital4Plovdiv: Annual Conference for Online Marketing and Marketing

Lubomir Atanasov, IMG Manager, said that the Foundation’s ambition is to put more digital destinations on the map, counting on the involvement of partner organizations and investors who recognize the cause of Digital4Bulgaria. He added that the organization will continue to develop the digital community by organizing useful and quality events and providing opportunities for creating useful business contacts and partnerships.


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